The Industry Asked For It.  We Built It.
A Right Sized Cold/Frozen Solution.


The ALL NEW SC100 satellite controller turns your CF-1000 cold food or FF2000 frozen food vendor into a stand-alone money-maker.  Perfect for any location looking to provide refrigerated or frozen product within a small footprint.

Control Seven Models of Satellite Vendors
Control system is capable and kits/jumpers are available for attaching the following satellites:
CF-1000 Cold Food Vendor
FF-2000 Frozen Food Vendor
CB300 Satellite (with legs)
CD6 satellite (with legs)
Menu Mart II
Can Mart I & II

Easily Attaches to Most Satellite Vendors

Advanced Control System
SM6 control system
DEX/UCS download capable
Combo Pricing
Discount Feature
Timed Shutdown Feature
Special Point of Sale Window - Feature products, specials or other high visibility ads in an easily changeable window display.

The SC100 is shown here in two combinations:  1) With CF1000 Deli Food Vendor and:  2) With FF2000 Frozen Food Vendor.  The SC100 is a cost-efficient way to eliminate a host snack vendor to operate either of these machines.

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